Utah Sport Clubs…Read This!

Sports Organizations…Take Notice, New Bill Passes giving Clarity on the law passed last year regarding Head Injury/Concussion.  In short, “When in Doubt, The Athlete Should Sit it Out” – the organization is liable. 

Utah House panel OKs bill on athletic head injuries

By Britny Mortensen
The Salt Lake Tribune
First published Feb 24 2012 07:02PM
Updated Feb 26, 2012 11:27PM

A bill that dictates procedure and liability in the case of a brain injury during secondary school activities passed through the House Health and Human Service committee in a unanimous vote Friday.

HB415 would require an amateur sports organization to immediately remove a child from participating in a sporting event if the child sustains a head injury or concussion, and it places the responsibility squarely with the organization.

Lincoln Shurtz, a lobbyist for the Utah League of Cities and Towns, said the bill would correct a “huge liability exposure” in the wording of the original law, passed last year. Currently, a city or county is liable based solely on providing a venue, including a city park, for an activity, even if the government entity isn’t aware of the responsibility, Shurtz said.

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