Think Head First Hosts First Support Group Meeting on Concussion Care

On Tuesday May 28th, more than 20 local health care professionals from along the THF 1Wasatch gathered at The Park City Medical Center. 

The primary initiative of the meeting was to meet other professionals working in our community in various specialty areas that contribute to the concussion recovery process.  Successful return to health from this injury is unique and can require multiple therapeutic interventions to regain full function.  This has become more evident as we learn about how the brain responds to injury and the complex mechanisms involved in recovery.

Think Head First utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to recovery and is hosting this open forum for all to meet each other and develop a better understanding of specific contributions from each in the hopes of improved communication and collaboration.

“The first meeting was really an opportunity to meet and understand all of the various organizations and individuals providing care locally for this injury,” said Melinda Roalstad, “and I feel we accomplished our first mission!”  Everyone in attendance at the meeting introduced themselves and gave some insight to caring for individuals with head injuries and how their organizations are approaching treatment specifically.  The group comprised a very broad approach to treatment, from physical and speech therapy, massage, and acupuncture to neurological and vestibular therapies and treatments.

“It is clear we all can learn a lot from one another and eagerly look forward to future meetings of this group,” said Roalstad, “we accomplished our first step towards the goal of improving collaboration and coordination of care in the recovery process.”





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