Baseline Testing the Olympus HS Lacrosse Team Today.

Think Head First is offering concussion baseline testing for lacrosse athletes as you begin your Spring season.  Think Head First is a comprehensive program created to increase awareness and education to the public regarding concussion.  Should your athlete sustain a concussion, we also provide medical care and support which allow for safe and successful return to sport.

We have 2 sessions scheduled at the Evergreen Junior High computer lab:

Friday, February 22 at 1:30pm
Friday, February 22 at 2:30pm

Testing is $30.

I have attached information regarding the ImPact test, used by Melinda Roalstad, PAC, of the ThinkHeadFirst clinic.  Below are answers to a few common questions.  Please contact me with any additional questions or concerns.


Is testing mandatory?
No.  However, should your child sustain a head injury, a recent Utah law, passed in May 2011, requires a medical release before the athlete may return to play.  Medical professionals can better assist an athlete in his/her recovery and return to play when they have a baseline test for comparison.

Who needs to be baseline tested?
Every youth athlete should be tested annually.  If within the last 12 months your child had a diagnosed head injury, or you suspect he/she had an injury, please contact us to determine the upcoming year’s testing.

My child plays lots of sports.  Do I have to get different testing for each sport?

No.  The ImPact test acts as an individual baseline for the child, regardless of the sport he is playing at any given time.

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