Why Think Head First?

Melinda is the co-founder of Think Head First, she is often asked, “Why did you start Think Head First?”  Straight from her fingertips, here is the answer…

I started Think Head First, LLC after leaving my 15+ years tenure with US Ski Team, initially as assistant director of sport science and later as the Medical Director. I had seen my share of mismanaged concussions – as well as inappropriate clearance for return to sport, primarily due to inadequate knowledge and variation in guidelines. This lack of understandging has has long been the impetus behind legislation forcing all sport organizations to pay attention to this injury and do a better job of management and actual supervision in youth sports.

My philosophy and vision with Think Head First since the creation in 2007 has been and will continue to be to increase awareness and knowledge with regard to mild traumatic brain injury and what is involved with proper management through education at all levels and providing good sound management direction when injury occurs. This is done through support to programs on how to create a program specific protocol and then how to implement in their system. I feel if you do this well, then people will come to the “right” decision with regard to return to sport in most cases and you certainly improve the overall awareness. We have done this successfully with many programs and continue to get thanks form the many successful return to sport athletes and parents. To me, that is what matters, a well organized approach with successful outcomes.

Thus, our program is not simply take the ImPACT test. Our program includes ImPACT testing as a part of the overall approach as a tool to be utilized in the process. It is not black/white and management of this injury as with any other injury, is a process involving many aspects depending on each individual.

So there you have it.  If you have questions about partnering with Think Head First for your sports organization, send us an email with any questions you may have – a lot of them can possibly be answered within our website.  Thanks for reading!

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