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Welcome to the THF online Testing Center

This page is setup for post injury testing only (Baseline testing is completed on the previous page of our site).  From this page you start the process of taking a post injury ImPACT test at your home.

To proceed with testing you will need the following:

  • A computer with internet access and a wired mouse.  A wireless mouse can cause errors in the reaction time of the test
  • A credit card to pay the test fee before you proceed to testing
  • A username/password to login on the ImPACT testing site.  You will receive this by email/phone from your Think Head First representative once we have confirmation of payment.
  • A quiet room and comfortable chair to take the test from once you have your login and password to get onto the test site.  You testing consultant will have provided instruction on how to proceed through the testing.

For testing, please contact

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