Am I Concussed?

Concussion Injury Managment

Do you have a Concussion?

Have you sustained a blow to the head or body which has caused you to suffer some confusion, difficulty remembering events surrounding the incident or you have developed some symptoms following the incident such as headache, dizziness, balance problems, over fatigue, etc. You may have suffered a mild head injury.

If Concussed, What do I do?

Seek Immediate Medical Care if:

ANY signs or symptoms → REST and do not over exert or play sports.

If symptoms are mild and improving over time:

Concussion Home Care Recommendations

REST is the critical factor!

Your Primary GOAL is to reduce symptoms through rest, good nutrition and supportive environment

Red Flags to seek Emergent Care in Recovery Process

- Worsening Headaches      - Seizures     – Focal neurologic signs     – Neck Pain     – Change in state of consciousness       – Difficulty in being awakened/overly drowsy     – Repeated vomiting    -Slurred speech       – Inability to recognize people/location      - Increased confusion    - Unusual behavior change                            - Numbness/weakness in extremities     – Increased irritability

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