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About Think Head First

Think Head First Clinic in Park City

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Think Head First is a medical practice in Park City, UT, specializing in head injuries. We collaborate and coordinate with established resources and professionals within the local community, ensuring the best possible outcomes for full recovery and safe return to work, school, and sport. This coordination and integration includes:

  • Medical / Neurological evaluation – assessment of comorbid conditions
  • Neural calming techniques through mindful breathing meditation, restorative yoga, craniosacral massage, acupuncture
  • Manual/neuromuscular re-integration, primitive reflex re-integration, oculomotor rehabilitation, vestibular/balance, speech and/or cognitive therapies
  • Neuro-optometric evaluation with lense support if indicated
  • Neurocognitive assessment utilizing ImPACT
  • Supervised progressive exertion therapy and reconditioning to reenter sport
  • Psychological CBT and ACT therapeutic intervention support
  • Coordination with schools for appropriate progressive re-entry into educational loads
  • Coordination with employers for re-entry to vocational loads

Now serving patients in Salt Lake City. Call 435 659 5932 for an appointment
6360 S 3000 E, Ste 210
Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121